Bio: Food Network Cutthroat Kitchen star renown Chef Elliott Farmer is a traveling chef that caters primarily to a corporate and celebrity clientele, but takes every opportunity to connect with the public during his annual cookbook signing and food tasting tours. He is requested by various culinary institutions and restaurants to share his creations with culinary students and the general public throughout the United States and Canada. These requests include special events catering, guest cooking class instruction, book signings, food tastings, and demonstrations. Chef Elliott was born and raised by a myriad of exceptional cooks and his palate for rich flavors and diverse textures matured before he did. He experienced his first success with the creation of his mother’s southern-style cornbread recipe when he was only five years old and learned to perfect his craft as the years progressed. As a teenager, he worked as a busboy in a prestigious hotel and soon thereafter trained under three certified chefs who set him on his path to being the master chef he is today. Chef Elliott has successfully catered for over 25 years and is widely known for his unique menus from soul food capitals to dishes that are sophisticated in flavor, yet true to their origins. His “soul food with a jazzy flair” combines casual and familiar with creative and authentic. He creates an experience that marries comfort, warmth and a fusion of soul flavors. This three-part combination creates the Chef Elliott experience.

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  1. Please e-mail a copy of your Key Lime Pound Cake

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