Chef Elliott is honored to share his technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friends and colleagues: THE DISTINGUISHED AND PHENOMENAL, Cast of “Rogues on the Road”, Matt Frohman and Rich Marshall!!!

From 7 PM – 8 PM EST on “Chef Elliott’s Entertaining Solutions”, NEN radio show by calling 718-766-4964 or at http://www.chefelliottentsol.info

Matt is travelling with Rich to remote areas, taking week-long journeys island hopping off the coast of Maine in homemade kayaks or backpacking through the Adirondacks. It was during these adventures he and Rich came up with the idea for “Rogues on the Road” – a show unique to television where he could combine his “foodie” roots with an intellectual curiosity that would take them farther from home and on a greater journey then either could imagine.

In 2001, Matt’s desire to learn about the environment took him back to a place he loves – the outdoors. He helped establish and operate a kayak tour company on the Hudson River. That love grew exponentially when he worked on a research vessel teaching Marine Ecology for the Maritime Center in Norwalk, CT. from 2003-2004.
Rich grew up on “the small island of Great Britain,” (as he likes to refer to it.) His family had many opportunities to travel within their homeland as well as neighboring Europe. Rich’s parents took the brood to unique holiday locations where Rich was given the chance to experience different cultures and eat some amazingly diverse meals.

Rich had a desire to share those lessons with a large audience, hence his incredible excitement for “Rogues on the Road.” Rich brings that traditionally dry, fun, and sarcastic element of British humor and banter to the show. He is always willing to, “put it all on the line” to learn as much as possible while still having fun. Rich gives the viewers a different perspective, through which they will enjoy learning about the planet and what it has to offer.

He wants to, “take viewers with us to experience the outdoors while learning about the responsibilities surrounding our food choices.” While island hopping off the coast of Maine in homemade kayaks with Matt, the two friends came up with “Rogues on the Road” – a show unique to television where Rich could combine his worldly experience and a hunger for knowledge that would take him farther from home and on a greater journey then he could have ever imagined.


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