***Chef Elliott Farmer entertains his friends Freddie Washington & Cornerstone​ FGBC Music Ministry***


Chef Elliott is honored to entertain his friends Freddie Washington & Cornerstone​ FGBC Music Ministry who will be featured at the “Feeding America’s Hungry Children” charity gospel musical April 8 in Atlanta, GA.

Freddie Washington and Cornerstone FGBC Music Ministry is a high praise, intense worship music ministry, ready to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Freddie Washington began as musician for the choir in 1994, and through faithfulness and commitment to the call of music ministry, served as Pastor of Worship and Arts for the music ministry for over 15 years, until recently accepting the mantle as Senior Pastor in November, 2015. The choir continues to minister with fervor and passion on a weekly basis, ministering various styles and genres of gospel music, from hymns, to anthems, to contemporary.

They are committed and determined to keep the choir sound alive and relevant in today’s generation. Members of the choir have been involved on various platforms in gospel music and most notably, prides itself as being the incubator to the ministry of worship leader and gospel music artist, Benita Washington, who lived in Tuscaloosa for a number of years and served as worship leader and lead vocalist in the music ministry.

Freddie Washington and Cornerstone were recognized as the Best Church Choir for 2013 at the Tuscalooosa Urban Awards Ceremony, and have ministered with many gospel artists at church services and concerts throughout the state of Alabama and abroad. Most notably, their debut cd project, The Order of Worship, charted in top 20 on Gospel Billboard Charts in its first month of release. We are indeed excited about what’s to come for this gifted and anointed music ministry.

Special Guest Performers on the project:

Benita Washington (The Lord is Exalted / Holy and Righteous)

Kim McFarland (God is Great)

From 7 PM – 8 PM EST on Chef Elliott’s “Entertaining Solutions”, NEN radio show by calling 718-766-4964 or at http://www.chefelliottentsol.info


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