***Celebrity Chef Elliott Farmer will be giving warm and cozy holiday recipes TONIGHT!!!***

Tune in TONIGHT, 12/11/14, AT 7 PM to CHEF ELLIOTT’S ENTERTAINING SOLUTIONS as Celebrity Chef Elliott Farmer will be giving warm and cozy holiday recipes throughout his show. AND YOU NEVER KNOW, HE JUST MIGHT HAVE A SURPRISE GUEST FOR YOU!!!

From 7 PM – 8 PM EST on Chef Elliott’s “Entertaining Solutions”, Ndustry Entertainment Network (NEN) radio show by calling (718) 766-4964 or at http://www.chefelliottentsol.info

Celebrity Chef Elliott Farmer, an Author, Speaker, Personality and Radio Host, Culinary Cooking Educator, Recipient of the 2014 Pinnacle Award of Excellence for Culinary Arts/Nutrition and philanthropy, Owner/CEO of Farmer’s Gourmet Catering and Chef Elliott’s Enterprise, Inc. both based out of Atlanta, GA, an Atlanta native, is honored to share his passion for cooking and his collection of signature recipes tips with his community. He has been requested by various culinary institutions and restaurants to share his creations within the United States and abroad. In a recent interview, he insisted, “Cooking is my life! It takes some people a lifetime to experience the collision of their passion and purpose, mine occurred when I was just five years old. Since then, I’ve been living, both my passion and purpose.”

Chef Elliott is famous for his unique menus from soul food capitals to dishes that are sophisticated in flavor, yet true to their origins. His menus are casual, creative and authentic. As his roots stem from the south, he creates dishes that combine comfort with a fusion of ethnic flavors. His recipes, invites cooks to re-create the “Chef Elliott” experience at home.
Purchase your copy of his latest cookbook “Chef Elliott’s Soulstice Recipes: Gourmet Entertaining Solutions” at http://www.chefelliott.com.


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