Tune in TOMORROW NIGHT AT 7 PM EST on CHEF ELLIOTT’S ENTERTAINING SOLUTIONS as Chef Elliott is honored to share the technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friend and colleague: THE DISTINGUISHED AND PHENOMENAL, AUTHOR OF “CINDY’S LOUISIANA HOME COOKING” Vol. 2, A PRODUCT OF CINDY’S CREOLE KITCHEN, CINDY HEBERT!!!!

Cindy has been cooking since the age of nine.  She baked brownies with my mother and Tea cakes with her neighbor Ms. Raymond.  That’s when she first learned that cooking was an ART CREATED FROM LOVE.  From that moment, Cindy took cooking very seriously; cooking every opportunity afforded her.  Not understanding why she was so fascinated at such a young age with cooking, perhaps it had something to do with having been born right into a family of cooks.  Her mother, sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces all owned restaurants or worked in food service, or just enjoyed and loved cooking for their families.

Being a native New Orleans, Cindy grew up knowing the history of New Orleans cuisine.  She grew up believing cooking was an art created from love and learned very young how to prep, season and cook food well.  Cindy’s philosophy is the more you love to cook the better cook you will become. The most important lesson I learned about cooking was that the key ingredient is THE LOVE.

Having served in the United States Army during Desert Storm (Gulf War 1990-1992) as a cook, Cindy learned to perfect and enhance her culinary skills.  After all she prepared meals for 3,000 soldiers on a daily basis.

Join Chef Elliott and Cindy from 7 PM – 8 PM EST on Chef Elliott’s “Entertaining Solutions”, Ndustry Entertainment Network (NEN) radio show by calling (718) 766-4964 or at http://www.chefelliottentsol.info


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