***Celebrity Chef Elliott Farmer to be Honored at the Pinnacle Awards & Scholarship Gala! ***

Hello everyone!!  This is Chef Elliott and I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was everything you wanted it to be and so much more!!  I pray that we always give thanks to GOD for all of His many blessings bestowed upon each of us.

ATLANTA, GA.–‐Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation congratulates me, Chef Elliott Farmer, for being selected and presented with the Pinnacle Award of Excellence in the Culinary Arts/Nutrition Category at the 2014 Pinnacle Awards & Scholarship Gala.  With this outstanding honor, they will celebrate all of my accomplishments and career achievements.

The Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation recognize professionals in the community who have reached the pinnacle of success in their industries while giving back through philanthropic efforts.

I’m humbled to be honored on next Friday night. I ONLY have 3 more VIP tickets for my table. Email my office ASAP for details, if you can attend. Info@chefelliott.com


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