I absolutely LOVE this recipe…wings are my favorite food to eat!!!


10 chicken wings (cut into sections)

oil (for frying)

¼ cup butter

¼ cup hot sauce

1 dash black pepper

1 dash garlic powder

½ cup flour

¼ teaspoon paprika

¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

¼ teaspoon salt


Step 1: In a bowl mix together flour, paprika, cayenne pepper, and salt.

Step 2: Place chicken wings in a large bowl and toss with the flour mixture until evenly coated. Cover the dish and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Heat deep fryer to 375 degrees. Fry chicken wings in batches for 10-15 minutes until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.

Step 4: While wings are frying- In a sauce pan combine hot sauce, butter, black pepper and garlic powder over medium heat. Stir until butter is melted and the sauce is well blended. Remove from heat.

Step 5: Place wings in a serving bowl, add the sauce and toss to coat evenly.

(Makes 4 servings)

Here’s a recipe that I really like…

Shrimp Avocado Salad 
2 pounds boiled or steamed shrimp, peeled and deveined
2 avocados, cut into large pieces
2 T diced red onion For the Dressing
¼ c extra virgin olive oil
¼ c red wine vinegar
½ t garlic powder
1 t parsley, chopped
1 t Dijon mustard
salt and pepper, to taste
Instructions: Add shrimp, avocado, and onion to a large bowl. In a 2-cup measuring cup, mix together ingredients for the dressing. Whisk until well-combined. Add dressing to shrimp avocado salad until it has the amount you desire. Serve additional dressing on the side.
Serves 6

Here’s a recipe that I like…

Pineapple and Ribs
1  pineapple
… 1 rack (2 1/2-3 lb/1.1-1.4 kg) pork loin back ribs (baby back ribs)
1 t (5 mL) salt
1/4 t (1 mL) coarsely ground black pepper
1/4 c (50 mL) water

1/2 c (125 mL) teriyaki baste and glaze
1/2 c (125 mL) pineapple preserves
1/4 c (50 mL) ketchup
1  garlic clove, pressed
1/4-1/2 t (1-2 mL) cayenne pepper

1. Prepare grill for direct cooking over medium-high heat. For pineapple, cut off top and bottom of pineapple, creating a flat base; slice off rind from top to bottom. Cut pineapple crosswise into 1/2-in. (1-cm) slices; remove core using The Corer™. Cut slices in half.

2. For ribs, remove membrane from rack of ribs using Boning Knife (see Cook’s Tip). Season both sides of ribs with salt and black pepper. Cut between each bone to separate rack into individual ribs. Arrange ribs, cut side down, in two layers in Deep Covered Baker. Add water. Microwave, covered, on HIGH 8 minutes. Turn ribs over. Microwave on HIGH 7-10 minutes or until Digital Pocket Thermometer registers 160°F (71°C) when inserted into meatiest part of ribs alongside bones and ribs are no longer pink.

3. Meanwhile, for sauce, combine ingredients in Small Batter Bowl. Reserve 1/2 cup (125 mL) of the sauce. Pour remaining sauce into Stainless (4-qt./4-L) Mixing Bowl; add cooked ribs and toss to coat.

4. Grill ribs and pineapple slices 5-7 minutes or until grill marks appear, turning and brushing occasionally with reserved sauce.

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